2014 Cybersecurity SFS Workforce Development Workshop

Project Dates: 8/13/2012 - 8/12/2014

Project Sponser: National Science Foundation; Award# 1027425

Project Description:

This project started a discussion exploring alternative mechanisms for recruiting the best Scholarship for Service (SFS) candidates, enhancing the SFS potential for articulation and content across all participating educational institutions, and exploring new strategies for linking SFS graduates and the marketplace, including articulation between K-12, community colleges, and 4-year institutions.

The workshop focused on three distinct phases of the SFS experience – pipeline, processes, and placement.  Participants provided insights from two-year community colleges, four year universities (both SFS and non-SFS), NSF program directors, OPM, and the private sector.    

Read-ahead material was sent to participants about three weeks before the workshop so that everyone had common knowledge to start from.  Workshop attendees were asked to prepare reactions of no more than four bullet points to share with other participants at the workshop.  

The first morning of the workshop featured plenary discussions defining the problem based on current literature and participant experience.  Then the participants broke up into three groups to focus on each of the three PSP topics above.  After reports of initial findings and interactions and further thinking with participants who were not in the same subgroup, the subgroups reconvened to finalize their initial conclusions and to develop a short list of projects to consider for immediate as well as longer term actions.

The workshop report presents an overview of the workshop and summarizes the findings.


Project People


Dr. Lance Hoffman,
Principal Investigator & Point of Contact
[email protected]

Dr. Costis Toregas

[email protected]


Project Product