Current Research

The GW Cyber Security and Privacy Research Institute conducts a variety of activities in education, research and service. These can be seen here. More detail on current research priorities is listed below: 

Blockchain and Disaster Risk Reduction 

CSPRI has established a webinar series on the intersect of blockchain and disaster risk reduction, which is a discipline primarily focused on delivering operational activities on the ground ahead of, during and after man-made or natural disasters. Many of the researchers active in the field may not have the time or inclination to explore how breakthrough technologies, such as blockchain, can support their work. Through webinars, collaborative papers, and exploration of pilot projects, CSPRI is helping to bridge these two different disciplines, develop shared solutions, and create a community of interest to continue the dialog. To access the webinar series, visit the previous webinars page

CSPRI supports publications of shared research in the Frontiers in Blockchain initiative

Multi-Party Computation

CSPRI is developing materials that will help community college faculty address the increasingly important topic of Multi-Party Computation for students that will receive a two-year terminal degree in cybersecurity. This effort is supported by the Department of Defense and is receiving guidance from a committee of researchers and faculty from both two-year and four-year institutions. 

Women Veteran Careers in Cybersecurity

Under funding from the Department of Defense, CSPRI joined forces with the GW Center for Women in Engineering (WiE) to conduct research on the reasons that women veterans are finding it hard to enter the cybersecurity workforce. More details can be found here.

Public Safety and Artificial Intelligence

Secure Augmented Reality (AR) technology can be effectively used in the fields of Telehealth and Emergency Medical Systems (EMS). CSPRI is pursuing this potential by highlighting research papers on the topic and exploring the creation of a community of interest.

Business Risk of Cyber Attacks

Increasingly, small and large businesses alike are hit by ransomware and other cyber attacks. The costs associated with these attacks are the topic of collaboration between the GW Computer Science Department and School of Business. Outcomes include a paper presented at AMCIS 2021, as well as continued discussions to further refine the models under consideration. 

Public Interest Technology

CSPRI is participating in the Public Interest Technology University Network and provides both input and project ideas to the diverse research community at GW, which organizes presentations, grants and other programs that promote the public interest in technology. 

Scholarships in Cybersecurity

CSPRI is the designated holder of the National Security Agency certification as a Center of Academic Excellence-Research (CAE-R). This designation permits GW to apply for, receive and manage scholarship programs in cybersecurity and privacy for students enrolled in many GW schools. The two major such programs are: Scholarship for Service (SFS), funded by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Homeland Security; and the Cybersecurity Scholarship Program (CySP), funded by the Department of Defense.