The Cyber Security and Privacy Research Institute (CSPRI) is a GW institute chartered within the School of Engineering and Applied Science to promote dialogue and technical research of issues that have a significant computer security and privacy component. CSPRI's mission is to encourage, promote, facilitate, and execute interdisciplinary research through scholarship management, research, campus dialogue and conferences that promote awareness and progress on current and future cyber security and privacy issues.

Outside of GW, CSPRI works with government and private organizations to study the impact of rapid technological change on business, government, and the infrastructure security issues caused by the convergence of data and organizations in a networked world. It carries out studies and hosts seminars that move stakeholders towards rational and informed discussion of critical changes in communication, commerce, education, government, science, and entertainment facilitated by the Internet, a global venue that has blurred traditional political and organizational boundaries, made time zones irrelevant, and erased language barriers.

GW is federally designated as a National Center of Excellence in Information Assurance Education and as a National Center of Excellence in Information Assurance /Cyber Defense Research. CSPRI is the home for a major information assurance and cybersecurity scholarship programs funded by the  the Department of Homeland Security and the National Science Foundation; since 2002 it has administered over $14 million in related grants.

Current interests include: cascading risk, food chain security, veteran skill up, secure communities, Social Media and security, K-12 cyber learning, cyber competitions, gender gap in cyber security careers.



Funded Scholarship
  • NSF Scholarship for Service and DoD Cyber Security Scholarship Program (CYSP)
  • Gen Cyber summer camps for young girls
  • Multi Party Computation curriculum potential for 2 year institutions
  • Cascading risk of cyber attacks and its application to food security
  • Organizational aspects of Cyber Security at the enterprise level
  • Management of NSA Center of Academic Excellence-Research (CAE-R) certification
Campus Actitivies
  • Monthly lunches with area start ups and GW faculty and student Series
  • Collaboration with SEAS Center for Women in Engineering
  • Graduate student internships
  • Support of SEA CVP Lecture series, industry training, pre-college program
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary approaches to cyber security and privacy
  • Participation in UN Public Interest Technology network established at GW
Online Presence
  • Online modules for preparing CC adjuncts
  • Sponsorship and support of "DCrypted" podcasts
  • Washington Post Cyber202 link
  • CyberMed2020 and 2021 (with GW Med School)
  • International Conference on Cyber Engagement with IGS
  • Cyber and Women vets pathways event planned