Cybersecurity @ GW

Cyber Security Education

The George Washington University is a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Research, designated by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. Cybersecurity is multidisciplinary, and our  students have pursued a number of different majors.  On the left are some programs of study pursued by previous and current students.

One popular program is the master’s degree in Cybersecurity in Computer Science, that provides a lot of flexibility for students with backgrounds in other fields and who already have a bachelor’s degree.  But there are many other paths that our CyberCorps students have taken.  This page shows some of those that have been used. 

Prospective students without a background in computer science are urged to consult with an appropriate advisor at GW before investing the time and effort to apply for a CyberCorps scholarship, to make sure that they fit GW and GW fits them and their particular circumstances.   Questions about admission to a given GW program should be directed to the School of GW in which that program is located, (see links to Schools at right of this page).

Cyber Security Research

Cyber Security is interdisciplinary and research in cyber security and privacy occurs all-around the George Washington University. Visit our research page to learn more about CSPRI, or click on the RESEARCH tab above. For other research in cybersecurity and privacy, visit the websites of other Programs, Centers, Institutes, and Initiatives in cybersecurity and privacy at GW. These are listed to the right.

Cyber Security Service

GW offers the CyberCorps, a competitive scholarship program for students of cybersecurity, funded by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Homeland Security.  

In general, any program of study that provides at least four courses with enough coverage of cybersecurity basics, risk analysis, network security, cryptography, and information policy- can be considered for a CyberCorps scholarship at GW.   All GW CyberCorps students must take the Signature Seminar every semester unless required course scheduling conflicts prevent it. The CyberCorps scholarship program is open to U. S. citizens and lawful permanent residents. Questions about the scholarship program that are not answered on the scholarship pages may be emailed to [email protected]