Is America Ready to Vote on the Internet?

May 16, 2014

There are at least two major forces tugging at the success of new, modern electronic systems that will take advantage of all society knows about technology.  One is the desire for an easy system with convenient access for all, minimal administrative barriers and allowing voters to participate in new ways that expand participation and bring people who could not or would not participate in the traditional election cycles.  The other is the growing awareness of the almost remarkable ease with which systems can be hacked from near or (important to some) abroad, and the technology "fix" for this insecurity is not yet defined to every one's satisfaction.  In addition, other concerns about the massive transition costs for procuring new, secure systems and training the primarily volunteer work force that administers elections may at times sideline or ignore strong opinions about the use of new technology.  These conflicting forces will be unveiled and explored in the upcoming CSPRI seminar, cosponsored by the Verified Voting Foundation.