CSPRI Webinar: Case Study of World's largest Cyber-Heist at Central Bank of Bangladesh

Rakesh Asthana, World Informatix Cyber Security - CSPRI Webinar

April 16, 2020

Virtual Venue: This event was held as a webinar through Webex

Play the recorded video here.

The Central bank of Bangladesh was subject to a cyber-attack in 2016, which saw $101-million stolen from Bangladesh central bank's dollar account at the Federal Reserve Bank and is now considered the largest cyber-heist in history. This attack exposed the widespread and institutional weaknesses found in the SWIFT network and prompted regulators around the globe to tighten bank security requirements.


The New York Federal Reserve and the SWIFT transaction system – the most protected and sensitive components of global banking – were affected by the breach and these cyber-attacks continue unabated. SWIFT responded with a mandatory independent assessment of cyber security posture at its 13,000 worldwide customers.


World Informatix Cyber Security, led by Rakesh Asthana, (MD & CEO) was engaged by the Governor of the Central Bank of Bangladesh to lead the incident response and forensic investigation. This case study blends the story of international intrigue, how it unfolded, lessons learned and its global impact.


Rakesh Asthana, Managing Director & CEO, World Informatix Cyber Security




Rakesh Asthana is the founder of World Informatix Cyber Security and is spearheading the development of the company. He brings his experience of over 39 years in IT and development at the World Bank as IT director and Deputy CIO, and his extensive knowledge of implementing successful business transformation projects. AS Director of World Bank’s Office of Information Security, Rakesh brings over 15 years of expertise in the cyber security domain and a hands-on expertise in protecting information assets. (see www.world informatixcs.com)