A Workshop about Information Assurance Education and Workforce Development

Project Description:

This project brought together professors, IT professionals, and program managers from government, and other stakeholders and experts to look back at developments since the first formal programs supporting information assurance education and workforce development (IAEWD) were launched to reflect on the successes, lessons learned, and potential challenges and opportunities in the years to come. This workshop enabled stakeholders to use the lessons of the past to guide consideration of how IAEWD programs will meet challenges in a Web 2.0 world especially the challenges of developing the government workforce in IA -- and will insure that IAEWD programs continue to produce college graduates educated in information assurance and ready to bring up-to-the-date, needed, appropriate skills to their jobs. The workshop, occurred in October 2010, was by invitation only. Principal investigator was Prof. Lance Hoffman. Please click here to read the report generated from this Workshop.